In-Ear Earphones
Product Overview
A revolution in design and performance, the Nyrius High Performance Noise Isolating Earphones reproduce clean, undistorted bass, a warm midrange, and transparent natural highs at any volume level. Hear every detail of every instrument on every track. Providing a brilliant natural sound experience, these Nyrius Earphones bring your music to life. Listen to your music the way it was supposed to be heard. Experience the difference of high performance.
High Fidelity Speaker Design
Bring the concert with you. The Nyrius in-ear Earphones provide serious performance and an enhanced audio experience with its high fidelity speaker design. The enriched deep bass accompanies crystal clear highs and a warm midrange resulting in optimal full range sound. Only premium components are used in order to provide a wider frequency response and the highest quality audio reproduction. The Nyrius in-ear Earphones propel amplified audio waves in a way that you will not soon forget.


Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack
The 3.5mm jack is gold plated which optimizes conductivity to your music device. This results in a pure signal transfer.


Protective Carrying Case
Store your Nyrius Earphones in the stylish, protective carrying case. It has 2 mesh pockets and a zipper that conveniently store your earphones and eartips.


Solid Metal Housing
Just like a flawlessly constructed speaker cabinet, the solid metal housing helps amplify the sound of the earphone speaker. This housing prevents vibrations and distortion resulting in a greater listening experience. Turn it up and enjoy a perfectly clear sounding earphone.


Directly Angled Earpiece
Don’t miss a single beat, hi-hat, or guitar chord! The Nyrius earpiece has been designed with a 45 degree angle to focus the pure sound image to your eardrum. Other earphones rely on indirect sound pathways that bounce off your ear canal before finally reaching your eardrum. This innovative directly angled earpiece eliminates sound degradation and allows you to truly hear each instrument.
Convenient Shirt Clip and Extended Right Side Wire
Tired of your earphone falling out when working out, running, or even walking? These Nyrius Earphones include a very useful shirt clip to reduce pull on the earphones. The cord also includes an extended right side earphone wire. This extended wire allows you to wrap the right side cord around the back of your neck for added comfort and convenience. While not in use the Nyrius Earphones can be taken out of your ears to rest around your neck without having to put them away. These two design features will eliminate the tension and pull that causes earphones to fall out.
Anti-tangle Cord & Enhanced Strain Relief
Spend less time unraveling your cord and more time listening to your music. The anti-tangle cord is constructed of aluminum and a clear durable shielding which surrounds the copper cores and braided jacket. This ensures the best tensile strength and reduces the cord from tangling. Enhanced strain reliefs are added at all stress points for added durability and use over time. The strain reliefs help prevent cord damage from regular bending and movement.


Noise Isolating Double Coned Eartips
The double coned eartips provide enhanced noise isolation to reduce ambient sounds that otherwise disrupt the listening experience. They are designed to create an air tight seal for your ear canal. This snug fit will also result in deeper bass and overall richer sound. These Nyrius Earphones include 8 sets of different sized eartips so that you can find the most comfortable fit for your ears.
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